Who is in control - Repetier Host or CURA

Hi; I am using Repetier-Host (R-H) 2.0.5 linked to Cura 2.6.1 (latest version for Lubuntu AFAIK). My printer is an ANET A8-L with Skynet/Marlin 2.3.2. My question is; If I change a setting in R-H do I have to change the corresponding setting in Cura as well (and vice versa)?


  • Since host does not support Cura 2.6.1 for slicing I'm not sure what you are pointing to. Slicer settings need to be used in cura as you need to slice there.

    Parameters like printer dimension, baud rate etc are to be set in host if you print using host.
  • I do not understand the statement "host does not support Cura 2.6.1".
    When I select the 'Slicer' tab and 'configuration' in R-H I am presented with a range of slicer settings options. My question is, if I change any of these settings, do I need to change the corresponding values in Cura, or will the changes I make in R-H over ride the Cura settings?
  • What I mean is we do not communicate with Cura 2.6.1. We have CuraEngine 1.5.4 build in our system and if you changes config in host that is used with the buildin engine only. It has no effect on an external Cura installation.
  • I was under the misapprehension that Repetier-host required a link to a stand alone copy of Cura. Now it all makes sense. Thank you for clarifying that.
  • Will there be an option in the future to use an external Cura. I have 3.1 and I would like to use some of it's advanced features, as well as have a link to Repetier Server.
  • Cura is a standalone. You can of course always import sliced objects.

    For server there exists a Cura plugin to upload files from cura 3.1 to server directly.
  • Ah. Would that be why my uploaded configuration.h files steps/mm are not the same as the printer says they are? I used Repetier to move the axes as part of the calibration process, updated the XYZE steps/mm in the configuration.h file and uploaded the new settings yet the two sets of figures are not the same. Does Repetier overwrite the Arduino/Marlin settings on slicing?
  • No, steps per mm is a firmware config and does not get changed by host/server unless you send the required gcodes.
  • I know the firmware has uploaded as I use a different printer name to display each time. Any thoughts on why the steps/mm in the configuration.h file don't = the ones Repetier M501 reports from the printer?
  • Not sure how eeprom works but maybe you stored them in eeprom so they do not update. At leats in repetier-firmware that is typical the reason.
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