Calibration not working

Ok. Got an Anet A8 for Christmas and printed Thingiverse 20mm calibration cube. Results were ok for first pass but clearly needed tweeking. Please note this is my first printer and I am totally new to Andriuno etc etc. Searched on line and found calibration method on youtube. After lots of help from brainy folk I got the PC talking to the board and upgraded my firmware. After lots of move, measure, calculate via Repetier I got pretty decent results from start of move to end of move.....until I reprinted the calibration cube. Y & Z were fair but X was/is well off.....5mm over what it should be. Could it be the original slice that is off? Thoughts on what to look at for problem.


Anet A8
Arduino 1.8.5
Marlin 1.1.8
Cura 2.3
Repetier Host 2.05
PC Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit


  • Sounds like you have entered the wrong number for steps/mm in the configuration.h. You xhould be able to change the steps/mm for each axis directly in the eeprom editor in repetier host,  normally X and Y will be 80 if using T2 belts and 1/16 microsteping.

  • Updated Configuration.h (worked as the custom name on panel is same as I requested). 
    Repetier M501 & Marlin menu both show X192.47, Y101.55, Z400.90, E115.61.
    Marlin configuration.h however is set to X100, Y100, Z400, E100.

    Don't know if this is linked but on every start up of printer the X, Y & Z letters flash "?" 0.
    Home stops that and sets X-33,Z-10, Z0 until next start.

    Figures themselves are moot at this point as I will be changing them as I home in on the correct calibration but I would have thought they should at least be the same. My plan is to create a configuration.h for different filaments/models as required so I can draw down on the ones best suited to projects.

  • The flashing X Y Z when you power the printer is letting you know that those axis need to be homed.
  • Yup but even after homed they revert to flashing. should I be sending some command for the home settings to be stored?
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    Also they blink when the steppers become disabled after the stepper timeout or if done by user.
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