Post Xmas feature wishlist

First of all, I wish you all a happy, healthy and joyful 2018!
I'm still a huge fan of Repetier Server and Host. During my extensive use, I kept adding features I would love to see to the preliminary list below:

  • Gcode Upload: ask for target filament in a pop-up
       - Since each material requires specific settings, this property is essential
       - have the user decide if he wants to see the pop-up via global or printer settings (enable / disable pop-up)
       - use filament names defined in Global Settings > Printing Costs
  • Notes are pretty handy. How about adding pictures to it?
       - Either by taking a snapshot with attached USB camera (maybe even automagically at given time before end of print)
       - or upload a pic
  • Gcode columns: make them customizable
       - personally, I don't need Size, Lines, Filament[length] or Layer[count]
       - but I would love to see Filament, "mouse-over notes", uploaded by and maybe snapshot if already printed)
  • multi-selection of gcode-files via checkbox in order to
       - delete / move to group / add to queue / archive (see below)
       - already mentioned here
  • archive gcode files
       - once archived, the files are hidden
       - toggle to switch visibility of archived gcode-files (on / off / all)
  • Use hierarchical system instead of groups
       - That is probably a huge change. Nevertheless:
       - Cleaner structure (meanwhile I use a > to mimic a folder structure)
       - assign folder X to user X (so customers have only access to their own folder)
       - Upload folder structure via zip / rar
       - Might even solve some of the challenges found in this post


  • Some nice ideas. Currently we work on a big update that will include project management so you can upload stl, 3mf,obj models, other files, images and add a description, tags etc. This will be hierarchical and should later be the base for created gcodes. Maybe I should add a gcode folder to this so gcodes could be archived here as well.

    Actually the gcode storage was always meant to be some temporary storage until a project is successfully printed or if you need to repeadly produce them put them into a group.

    The project folders coming are planned for more permanent storage and documentation of project, so for users wanting to keep gcodes this might be a good combination, especially if projects allow also move of gcodes back to gcode list. Will have to think about this.

    Material usage is also something we want to unify, maybe even accross server instances along with selecten of loaded filament to issue a warning if you try to print with a missmatch.

    Have stored link to this thread as reference to look back when I have some time for such things.
  • Glad if I can give some useful input. Looking forward to the project mgmt thingie. As I go thru a couple of design - print cycles, I would love to be able to move the previous gcodes out of sight without losing them, hence the archive idea.
    I really like your idea of gcode <> filament mismatch!
    As much as I wish to know, I am not going to ask you for a planned release date  :#
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