Core-XY: park the nozzle to another position after G28

Hi Roland, i've Core-XY with the Y endstop to the MAX position, and after the home I would like it not to remain in position 0 but go to a different value, in order to have the effector where I want, in my case "front left", and not "back left" (in the default of the home).
There is no parameter in the firmware to do this thing?
Regards, Marco


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    @Marco67 ;  
     In the Repetier-Host  go to Config  -  Printer Settings  - Printer.  You can set a park position. You can set it up to go there after a "Job Kill" , or use the P icon under Manual Control, or it will go there after a job is finished. That is if you use Host, I do, so I have not looked at parameters in firmware.
  • Exactly. You can only choose the Z position after homing. You need to send a G0 after it to position xy where you like.
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