Stop printing when PI-Cam is used

I have tested it many times , the repetierserver on raspberry pi 3 stopps printing after different time, if i have one of the windows open with image of picam. IT could happen after some minutes or after hours. suddenly printing stoppes, temperature cools down and the printig is courrupt... it is a bug!


  • No bug it is the Pi. The pi is very sensitive to power and if it gets not enough, usb gets instable. It has a red led that starts blinking when power get slow, at least below 4.65V

    When this happens you see also in server.log that linux had closed serial connection, which is main reason printing stops.

    Waht you need is a 3A power source that really delivers 5.1V 3A and not only claims to do so. Unfortunately there seem to exist plenty of them.
  • With octoprint it works, and i have the original power plug...
  • Different software with different power consumption. If you read the Octoprint FAQ you will find the same problem.

    I guess you are on the edge. I also have a pi that is mostly ok but sometimes get underpower when cpu load gets reduced.

    If you have no lcd screen you can for example not start chrome and x system (comment the last lines in /home/pi/.bashrc) and reboot. Then it gets normally better. But only because you use less power and the problem reduces.
  • what power unit should i use to solve the problem?
  • I have no lcd
  • Without LCD it makes sense to disable the x windows/chrome. See download page for image for more instructions on this. Reduces memory and cpu usage.

    Regarding power unit I can not say. It is really some luck with so much chinese crap that is often even sold as "original" but then differs in quality and only looks identical. Fact is you need 3A and 5V coming in. Some have thin usb cables with such a resistance that it does not receive 5V from the start on. Others break in on quick load changes. Maybe google gives you a list of proven power units.

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