Upload to sd card via repetier host gets a 0 byte file size?

I have problems when uploading files to the sd card via windows repetier host, It gets send to the sd card but is reported as a 0 byte file, the only way I could send gcode is opening the file with repetier and choosing upload current gcode.
Also some times I send a new gcode to print gets uploaded and when I start to print the printer make the last file that was printed.
I'm using a kossel mini with a ramps1.4 & arduino mega and it's connected via usb cable.



  • Most importnent fact is missing - whcih firmware are you using. Please be very exact - name source and version as well since many firmwares have so many forks with modifications.
  • Hi sorry, I have repetier firmware 0.92.9

  • That is unexpected as I know that firmware quite well and haven't changed the parts. Have you tried formatting the sd card with sdformat? It might have a defect in data structure causing this.
  • Hi I have tried formatting the SD card with sdformat but have the same issue


    After being send the file has 0 Byte


  • Also tried another SD card same results
  • Please try mount.gcode so name is longer then 8.3 chars forcing the use of long filenames. All working filenames are using this. Maybe there is a relation.
  • Same result 

  • I just tested it on my system and it worked flawlessly. So maybe a stupid question, but did you slice the model before uploading to sd card? If not there is no gcode to transfer and file will be 0 byte. At least one of the screenshots shows no object.
  • "Upload external file" is broken, it's a bug which has been reported in the past (see https://forum.repetier.com/discussion/2470/problems-uploading-external-file-to-sd-card-marlin) and is still present, probably because the original poster was brushed off rather than listened to. The "Upload external file" option behaves exactly the same as the "Upload current gcode"...as attested to by the fact that it doesn't even expect you to provide a source filename!

    The solution is simple: don't use "Upload external file". Just load your gcode into Repetier host and use "Upload current gcode" instead.

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