Filament out sensor

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Hello, I would like to connect the optoendstop as easy way to pause automatically print, when there is no filament left there, until I can check it, but I just can't find a way to get it right in FW configurator you have on your site. Like is it even considered jam detection? Or what should be done to make it work?


  • Yes select jam detection but not regular version. Select switch on high or low depending on sensor. Then it is only a out of filament sensor and also stops print.
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    And in setting for jam detection and out of filament detection, i should leave the preset numbers for regular steps per cycle, slowdown steps, slowdown to... Or should I fill in 0 everywhere?
  • These are only relevant with switching signal which you do not have here, so any value will do.
  • In current firmware config tool for version 0.92.9 i can't find a option to select "switch on high or low". Du yoe have a hint for me where and to look for?

  • In mechanics tab near bottom "JAM_METHOD" defines if high or low is the signal to trigger, or if you measure movement by a pulsing signal.
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