How to make changes to the EEPROM data

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Hi, Anycubic Linear-Plus Delta.

For some crazy reason Anycubic have decided to change their firmware delivery format to .hex files.

My Plus seems to be midway between some changes. The version prior to mine has 269mm rods and the current one has 271.5 and of course mine has 267mm.

The only firmware they are providing is in .hex file format for the 271.5 rods. I have leveled with that and am getting a concave Z0.00. I have set it to paper clearance at the edge but that leaves the center 4-sheets of paper high and small stuff ain't sticking well.

I notice that Host shows the contents of the EEPROM and I can clearly see the cursed 271.5. If I could change that to 267 and save it back to the EEPROM, I am pretty sure my concave issue would go away. Or, at worst, be lessened enough to keep it printing.

Can this be done?
Does anyone have the format for date within the EEPROM and I can write my own to plug stuff back in.


  • If you see it in eeprom editor just change them. If it is repetier-firmware based it will store changes in eeprom on pressing "ok".
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