Z Controls not working

Hi, I am currently using the Repetier Host V2.0.1 and I just set up everything almost perfectly. Minus the part that the Z control isn't working. Homing works fine though. 

The type of printer is a Kossel, and I am using a RAMPS 1.4 board w/Arduino Mega 2560, and I am connecting it via USB. Any help would be great. Also, Ive set my printer shape to Rostock Printer (Circular print shape) and I can see a square shaped object on the virtual bed that is hollow on the top and bottom, which is far from the center of the circle. Is this normal? 



  • Your object sounds wrong. Can you make a screenshot so I know what you mean.

    But that does not change z problem.
    1. test if you can send manually a
    G1 Z100 F6000
    and if that moves.
    2. If that works check in printer shape tab you set homing position to z max and printer height. Host will not move if you leave that area.
    3. Make sure to home first or depending on configs moves may be blocked from firmware side.
    4. Check endstops with M119 - should all be low for normal movement.

    Since homing works it must be some simple thing like not having a height and hence not being allowed to move or similar.
  • Sending the G-Code worked perfectly. And I don't understand #2. Do I set "Home Z:" to the height, in mm, from the bed to the end stops?  And when you say printer height, I assume you mean "Printable Height"?

    We originally had OctoPrint as our host, and it still works moving around (X-Y-Z)...So would that mean we can cross out firmware? 
  • Ok, first I see your square. That is a printer visualization demo. You can now add printer shapes as stl and you have enabled it in the printer shape tab at the bottom. Just disable checkbox.

    My guess is that you have set Home Z to 0 instead of printer height also in shape tab. You must there enter the geight returned by firmware when you have homed and send M114.
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    Ah great that worked, thanks! Now, there's a situation I'm in if you don't mind. We just switched from using OctoPrint to Repetier, along with the Marlin firmware to Repetier firmware. We tried to set it up properly, but when we home it it gives me an error Error Hardware setup inconsistent. Delta connot home without max endstops, while hearing the printer's motors humming but not moving. 

    We used this https://www.repetier.com/firmware/v092/ for the firmware, and we ran M119 as what the instructions said to do to and it returned "endstops hit: x_min:L y_min:L z_min:L"
  • I've been having the same issue since updating. The old host used to have a "Home Z" MAX option, not just a set value. That way I could adjust the eeprom height and that would auto set to that when homed. Can that be added back in?
  • Yes we switched that since the old system does not work any more for all printers. My printer for example ends with z=10 after homing for safety reasons.
    Before it would read a coordinate output from firmware to set coordinates, which is why it worked despite wrong setting. Now this output is not reliable any more so we now ignore such outputs, so no we can not go back. Need to enter right value now.
  • Repetier said:
    Yes we switched that since the old system does not work any more for all printers. 
    This is a problematic change for me (and apparently for others too). As I change filaments, I do a re calibration of the offset. I save that value with M851. With this change in Repetier, it looks like I am forced to put the same number in the host software.
    Repetier said:
    Now this output is not reliable any more...
    Why is this not reliable "any more" ? It is reliable for me on the old software.

    Is there any chance to have a configuration checkbox to allow reverting to the old method? This is the main reason why I don't use Repetier as much as I used to...

  • Position respons eis not reliable because some include G92 offset and others don't. This partly also depends on firmware version or source. Also in a print this was always ignored since following commands may already have invalidated this. So only time it is reliable is after a homing if no additional commands were send before getting the response.
  • I am new here
    I already use 3D printer with Melzi board and I am using repetier host latest vesion
    I have a problem when I do manual control Z 0.1mm then it moves 1mm then Z moves 10 times the value I press on manual control for X and Y they are accurate but the problem in Z 
    could you please tell me how to fix the problem?
  • I try to use this code for Z
    G1 Z10 F6000 then it moves 10 cm instead of 10mm
    Z moves 10 times actual value
    please help me to fix the problem
  • If it also moves 10 times the distance on following moves your steps per mm is 10 times too high for z axis. Change it in firmware (often can be done in eeprom editor of host/server)
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