I have a Colido 2.0 Plus 3D Printer.
But when I want to print an object, the printer ask me a G-Code.
Where I find this G-Code?
Thank You 


  • You must convert the objects you want to print into gcode. Slicers are the software component doing this. The host has 3 slicers included that you can use for this. Read our docs on www.repetier.com to see how this should work.
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    The Print-rite Colido Repieter ask me the G-Code even if I want print a model which are in the SD-Cards as test!
    I use the software in the SD-Card Repieter-Rite Colido Host V1.55.
    Also, I think that this model is already in good format.
    What Can I do?
  • Since I can not see what you did I can not say that this is correct or not. All I know is that printers can only print gcode and you get models as stl/obj so you need to slice them. Also in sd card it needs to be a gcode file and you can start these prints only from the sd card tab.
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