Connect to repetier host: Yes, Recieve commands: No

Hi there,

Last week the prusa i3 geeetech printer made an awesome print but I found out that the Y-axis is miscalibrated.
So I would like to change it with using the M92 Y.... code. But therefore I need a good connection with a PC so I plugged the USB in.

So far I can get it to connect to repetier host, I can even get it to print models... But I can't send in the M501 code and get a response for reading the current EEPROM values, strange.

Could anyone give me a hint about this? Would be great.

The lines repetier host shows:
Info: configuration loaded from EEPROM.ok 57
Warning: missed line detected - correcting buffer


  • The problem here is a missing return+newline which firmware normally sends. Exactly which firmware and version do you use? Just checked 1.0dev and it would send a return.

    Also does this happen every time?
    In general it is no real problem since host detects that the ok was missed on the next command and everything will still work well.
  • Great, thanks for the fast response!

    Ok so the firmware is:

    Everytime I send an M501 when it's printing I get the:
    21:18:08.951 : Info:Configuration stored to EEPROM.ok 44869
    21:18:08.951 : Warning: Missed line detected - correcting buffer usage.

    And when it's not printing I get the:
    21:21:46.245 : Info: 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
    21:21:47.235 : Info:Configuration loaded from EEPROM.wait

    Also when I type for example  M92 X80.00 nothing happens

    Strange thing is that I am able to send prints and other commands from repetier host like move the bed or heat op the hotend,

    Any ideas are more than welcome :)
  • M92 X80 sets steps to 80 in ram, not in eeprom. You will not see anything just start using that until you overwrite it with some eeprom related function.

    The link is to a chinese website I can not read, so I do not inverstigate why the newline is missing in the sources. But from response I can see it does what it is supposed to do. So ignore the com error here whcih is just a side effect but everything is done as supposed.

    Not being able to move and heat indicates that your printer has no 12V power used for motors/heaters and only board is powered by usb. At least it is the most likely solution. Some printers need M80 to turn on power even if you have a main power switch.

  • Ah ok clear: sending the code M92 X80 doesn't send it to eeprom, but to RAM...

    I thought with code M500 it would save the settings to EEPROM but I'm a bit confused now.
    How will I be able to read the number of steps and change it now?

    By the way I am able to move and heat! That's the strange thing...
    I can communicate but just not the M501 and M92 command.
  • Should I change the line in Configuration.h which controls whether or not EEPROM is enabled?
  • M92 X80
    will store the Xsteps in eeprom, but eeprom has to be enabled in firmware
  • Allright getting closer here:

     It's clear I need to flash the firware configuation.h to enable to make changes in the eeprom.

    Next thing for me is: I will try to flash this type of board...
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