Extruder won't reach desired temp

I am using Anet A8 printer and everything seems to be set up correctly. I have good connections, etc. but the extruder won't reach the desired temp. Example: I set temp for 210... it will heat to about 207 and then idle. The temp varies between 2 and 4 degrees below the desired temp. This causes the print to never start. Can I set up a range that the printer will start? How can I fix this problem? Thanks.


  • What does the temperature graph including output look like? If it is not the power limiting (you see 100% output) it  is a wrong firmware configuration, so better ask in a forum for your firmware. There are e.g. limits to max. pwm frequency that could prevent it and bad PID tuning.
  • Seems like TEMP_HYSTERESIS or PID_CONTROL_RANGE are not co-working here?
    Just a thought :-)

  • The PID_CONTROL_RANGE could be set to high for example at 20°C, try to set it to 10°C or even lower.
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