Request for enhancement: onClick on Items in class "printerinfo" should set focus to -input- ...

.. if such is available (ran out of subject :-))

e.g. if one clicks on an item in the bar which contains "Speed", "Flowrate", "Fan", "Extruder-Temp", "Bed Temp" it would be quite nice if the input also gets the focus + blinking cursor.

use-case: want to set speed from (initially) 80 to <something>
- click on "Speed" (the running man) -> click on "80" -> input gets focus -> type <new value> (or use Arrow-UP/DOWN) -> <ENTER>

- click on speed -> (input gets focus) -> type the new speed (or use Arrow-UP/DOWN) + <ENTER>

- clumsy people don't risk to hit the dial (which looks _very_ nice but does anybody use this to set the new value?)
- saves a click (see clumsy people above ;-))

- can't think of one except added complexitiy on the backend (onClick must obey ng-if="user.printPermission" and so on)

of course one might add <MRU-List of common values> to ...?... (can't find it just now but I'm quite sure I have seen this somewhere...), let's call it presets but this clutters up _my_ interface over time  and (-> can't remember where that is, remember ;-))

all the best & thankyou for a truly great piece of software!


  • Interesting idea. So instead of clicking tab (which does what you want) make it focus directly. Actually I'm one of those using the dial to set value, but that would still work when input has focus. Only thing is to find out how to focus it since it is not possible to simulate a tab keystroke, so I need a programmatic solution for this. Best by doing it the angular way.
  • Hi,

    huh, trying <tab> never occured to me and playing around with this opened a different can of worms...

    Click on Speed
    <tab> (=Focus on the input-field)
    Change the speed (whatever which way: Arrow-Up/Down, typing)
    -> ... how does one _cancel_ this?

    <esc> or <tab> or <clicking somewhere else> seems to fire a SUBMIT; the Slider seems fire on mouseUp and ignores "mouseUp outside of <slider-element>".

    (haven't dared to check what happens with my printer/current print if the aforementioned clumsy operator -"Grobmotoriker" :-) - happens to hit the dial and sets <value> to 250+; why are such values with speed/flow allowed anyway, I would think that an override with max. 150% is more than enough and everything above should be either fixed within the slicer-settings or firmware)

    .. but somehow I seem to drift off into offtopic-land ...
    /will accept "DAS IST KEIN SPIELZEUG!" as response :-D

    all the best!

  • ... and for the sake of fred please do *disable* the speedUp if one is crazy enough to use Arrow-Up/Down!
    -> try to set Extruder-Temp from -say- 230 to 205 with the cursor keys =8-O

  • Never regsitere dthis since it was a widget I just used. But in deed doubling every keypress is a bit fast. Have disabled doubling completely so form next version on it stays slow.
  • there you go, clumsy people are useful sometimes ,-)

    Q: "please enter something here"
    A: "i typed 'something' +<tab> -> nullPointerException!

    /and you're happy that <user> mentioned that <tab> also fired.
    //*yay* to the "special people" :-)

  • Would be more helpful if you tell me where the tab causes a nullPointerException:-)
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