crash when trying to slice multicolor print with cura engine

i tried to load the 3dbenchy as individual parts, it took some time as repetier host imports each bit as a group and i could not find the quick command to put all bits in the same group. 

then i made up 16 extruders in repetier host and changed the colors on a few of them

i then change the colors on some of the parts of benchy and tried to slice it with cura engine and got an error

i will add more pictures in a bit, but it takes some time as i have to scroll down the error box


  • Looks like you have only one extruder in printer config but assigned more if i understood you right. The error is an access to an array index not allocated so that could be the reason. Your printer should also have 16 extruders when you assign 16 different filaments.
  • no i have 16 extruders but single nozzle (diamond hotend)

    the problem was "fixed" by upgrading to latest version (was on 2.0.1)
  • not a bug, but will there ever be support for more than 16 virtual extruders ? reprap firmware has support for up to 400 virtual extruders, but so far repetier host is the best software as it supports 16 virtual extruder, to my knowledge no other software has more than that
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    looking at benchy... i have used 4 different colours, but the prime tower only have 2 of them

    is that not a fault? i have looked through layer by layer to make sure 

  • I think that version of curaengine does only create it for 2 extruders as it was meant for the ultimaker having 2 extruders.
  • i poke arround in ultimakers github and yes that was the case

    they in a diplomatic way said that they would not change this until they had a reason for it... ie when ultimakers gets mixing hotend

    side Q.... will repetier be limited to 16 virtual extruder or will the limit be higher in the future?
    and what ways could there be to get arround the prime tower issue?
  • We have no real plans to support more then 16 virtual extruders. For most users this is already overkill. In firmware more extruders require more memory so it could get a problem, but could be increased until the limit is reached. Host has build in limit of 16.

    For prime tower you could use a postprocessor adding this or try with slic3r.
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