Tilting mechanism for dual hotend on a Delta printer

wandering if there is a simple gcode for a small servo or stepper to tilt the two hot ends placed on the effector when extruders change in gcode as new material is required/deposited...? and how to go about it...
Or how do ypu guys solve the problem that two hotends dont interfire with eachother without crazy z calibration(almost impossible). all videos i've seen have some sort of gimble system...



  • You can use a system with servo that gets controlled by M340. Each extruder can have a select/deselect gcode, so you can just add the M340 to position it.

    The most simple solution is to have a fixed bed and go with hotends to bed, make them loose let them fall to bed and fix them. Then they have same tilt as bed and you only need to new z probe height.
    Nad as always you can choose whcih problems you like to have:-) Same level = cold ooze can drag object, tilt mechanism needs power on startup to adjust ad beginning already as this can only tilt with power. Y nozzle with 2 to 1 reduction not allowing different materials.
  • could instead a servo motor be a small stepper??
  • Small stepper can be controlled but requires a extra stepper driver and is harder to manage as it may loose position when off (so always on, gets hot) and you do not know inital position so you need to home before trusting it. Or you always move x mm left/right and ignor loosing steps knwing you want it at the end anyway.
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