Changing G code temperatures

So, let's say I have brand X PLA and brand Y ABS sitting around, and there's a model that I print often. With the model's G code already in the server, there is no way to change the printing temperatures for the bed/extruder without doing so manually through the printer's physical interface. Since the software already goes through the G code, uses the preset temperatures to generate estimated print times, and already has the ability to store the printing temperatures for multiple filaments, I suggest that there be an option when starting a print to choose a filament to print with that would change the temperatures in the G code to what they need to be for that filament. Just an idea I thought of that I know I would use often! <span>:smile:</span>


  • That is not really an option. Depending on slicer and profile they have multiple temperatures per extruder, so for anything more then that it is a difficult thing to adjust especially since the server has no access to the printing profiles which also differ depending on used slicer. Such komplex things belong in the slicer.

    What would be a good addition is to add a info for hottest extruder/bed temperature so you can at least see afterwards for which temperatures it was sliced.
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