Installation on Debian Wheezy doesn't give errors, but not launched.

I installed RepetierHost 1.30 on Wheezy, but when I press to icon, it doesn't started. While i start it from terminal it says
root@debian:/home/lm# RepetierHost
bash: RepetierHost: command not found
I think, may be I missing some items  (while I tryed to make by in downloaded archive.
I would like to know, what i missed if somebody successfully  installed can prompt, what was missed.
My steps -
1.create folder /usr/rep,  where i copied the arcive RepetierHost.tgz.
Just it don't  extracted properly, and give error so I renamed it to *.tar.gz
After that it successfully extacted to the folder /usr/rep
2.I find in the extracted folder sketch for dependencies for Debian and start it, it install something.


  • 3.Then apply command [code]usermod -a -G dialout lm[/code]
    4.then apply sh and, (from same folder - /usr/rep/RepetierHost)
    5.Copied file RepetierHost.desktop to the /Home/Desktop folder
    the icon appeared in the desktop.
    6.this is content link file in Descktop folder
    [Desktop Entry]
    Exec=/usr/bin/mono /usr/rep/RepetierHost/RepetierHost.exe -home /usr/rep/Repeti$
    Comment=Repetier-Host 3d printer host software

    The pressing to icon has no effect, nothing launched. Same as direct call from the terminal.

  • Running would be everything you needed to start, it calls everything else.
    Setup requires sudo so it can add it's stuff.

    Wheezy is a bit old, so it might be that mono is outdated. You can download a new mono version on their homepage. Otherwise report error in terminal so we can see what is going wrong.
    From terminal you just call repetierHost not the desktop icon.
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