Radds 1.5 due not connecting + overheating

Hi I can't seem to find anybody with a similar problem, first off when I connect my Arduino due to my PC with the radds connected through the programming port, the programming port seems to overheat within seconds.
But then powering on the radds 1.5 through a 12v power supply still connected to the Arduino and Arduino still connected to PC, the programming port cools down and a seemingly random spot on the other side of the Arduino board overheats within seconds.
on top of that when just connecting due to PC I can upload sketches no problem but it gives me an error no device detected COM9 with radds connected to due.
What is up with my radds 1.5 ?
Device is detected through device manager and the Arduino program sees the programming port no problem, correct drivers installed.
Native port doesn't seem to be seen by my PC
I'm a super moon and have only delt with the stock anet a8 board, please help me


  • If you see port and can not use it, some other software is connected to it like host or server.

    Not sure about the hot connector. That seems wrong. What is if you remove radds board, does it still overheat? If so you might then find whcih part is getting so hot. Might be a hardware defect on due or radds board causing overheat. 
  • No removing radds board nothing overheats it also can upload sketches no problem but then connecting radds with or without power I can see it's connected but cannot complete an upload, get the no device found error or connecting through simplify3d will recognize it but not make a successful connection
  • I make sure no other software is connected before attempting to connect other software
  • And the heating is occurring next to the program USB port when radds it connected without power, but when I power the radds the prog port cools and a seemingly random spot on the other side of the Arduino due heats up drastically within seconds, very hot cannot touch
  • Any suggestions are appreciated
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    parts overheating might be polyfuses.

    seems something on your RADDS tries to pull its supply via USB.

    So did you plug in the stepper Drivers in correct direction?

    if you pull the Drivers all off, what happens?

  • Okay cool pulled the steppers off and that solves the heat problem but I had the steppers on in the right direction I just searched pictures to makes sure, heatsink closest to the dir and so that aimed the screws inward on both sides if that makes sence. But so what do I do then? Why would my radds be trying to pull from USB when it has a power supply ? Do you think something is faulty?
  • think that one or more stepper Drivers are not ok.

    are you shure to have same Drivers as on the Picture , some are different, so refer to print on Driver board,

    not to Position of cooler.

    just try adding them again, one after the other to find the faulty one(s) don´t Forget to disconnect power respectively usb

    before adding drivers

  • Wow look at Mr genius over here thanks alot! I double checked and had the dir pin ;) in the correct spots but yes one motor driver is faulty!It has one pin that's just ever so slightly bent is that really the issue it is just barely bent still plugs in and everything. Good thing I have another arriving tomorrow lol I planned on setting up duel heads I guess that can wait anyways. I will probably be back but thank you so much
  • I just had to make an account to say thankyou to RAyWB. Your advice to take out drivers one by one saved my day!!! :) you are a legend.
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