Can i control I/O pin from jam detection

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I am using a MKS tft display which got dedicated pin for filament outage. can i get a high or low signal when jam occurs from repetier which i can pass to mks to pause 3d printer. 


  • Also i do not understand what exactly you try, out of filament detection does not toggle nay pins for pause, Depending on your settings it would show filament change or request for pause on serial. But you can easily exdend these function to do more like toggling a pin,
  • I know it dosent do by default. thats why i want to know where and what kind of modification i should do in firmware ,so it will toggle a pin. because i am 90 percent sure that if you get a pause commpand back from board to mks tft , it wont do pause command even if its a host
  • It is the host that does do the pause and this just means the host stops sending commands. All the firmware can do here is give some hints that pause is wanted. For jamcontrol check printer.cpp event handler. Search for jam and you should find it easily.
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