Rendering issue

Over a year, I have some rendering issue with RepetierHost on latest Ubuntu.
I have tried different things like reinstalling Mono, RepetierHost, graphic drivers etc.
Only RH have this rendering issue, not some other apps that use OpenGL.

My guess is that there is some kind of rendering buffer limitation, but could not find way to fix that.

Any ideas ?


  • It is a really strange result. Looks like some limit on memory usage is hit and nothing after triangle xy is shown. You can configure between 3 visualization modes. VBOs would be fastet, which is what I think you are using. Others are normally to slow to be used during print as it would block too much cpu.

    In windows version I have never seen this behaviour (ok I have never seen it at all). I do not really think it is mono related as we use OpenTK for OpenGL viewing on c# and that is even the same version as on windows. What might be the problem is that Mesa (3d driver in linux) does not communicate correctly with OpenTK any more due to some changes. Can not really say. Next release will get a brand new OpenTK version which then hopefully corrects the problem. Until then maybe switching to buffered instead of VBOs in 3d settings in host will at least show everything, but for printing disable filament visualization or print over server to not disturb printer communication.
  • Yea, it is strange.
    Tested all three modes. While VBO and arrays make no difference, Immediate displays model correctly, but gcode preview gave the same issue.
    Tomorrow, I will test again to force RM execution using High performance GPU (Nvidia), but last test did not give any difference.
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