Error coding on the display

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After the transfer of the firmware, flew encoding on the bed temperature.
Instead of the temperature mark, there was a letter "A"
Link to the firmware:

how to fix this error?


  • These are defined in uilang.h

    //Symbolic character values for specific symbols.
    //May be overridden for different controllers, character sets, etc.
    #define cUP "\001"
    #define cDEG "\002"
    #define cSEL "\003"
    #define cUNSEL "\004"
    #define cTEMP "\005"
    #define cFOLD "\006"
    #define bFOLD 6
    #define cARROW "\176"

    is what gets used. Chars 0-7 are self defined chars that get uploaded on initalization. WIth your cyrillic chars I'm not sure what chip you are using and if that is possible there.
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    And where in the tab uimenu.h registered text from the bed temperature on your home screen?
  • #define cDEG "\002"

    is the string used for degrees. Others are for up, selected, unselected,temperture, folder and arrow.
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