save state on power failure

Is there a way to pause the printer, save the last state and turn it off. Then resume print from the last state? The problem i face sometimes is a mains power failure and i let the printer run on a ups, But sometimes the power is not restored for more than a hour and the ups almost gives up. So if i could save the last state and turn off it would be great.!



  • No, that is not possible. If you have z max homing and you know exactly where it stopped you could modify the gcode to continue there.
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    but there is a similar function to hault on filament jam.. so in a similar way if on click on a menu item in the lcd, the printer is paused and the last xyze is stored in the eeprom and on resume it continues from there.. isnt that possible?
  • Filament jam does a pause and continues from there - connection and printer are never turned off, that is the big difference.

    What you want is theoretically possible, but the connection state is more then only position and on connect you normally reset again. So that is very complicated to handle. It also involves a host to reconnect and print from where it stopped. With z max homing it would be implementable for hosts alone as they could store and restore old state. But even that solution is complicated and hard to write.
  • okay got it,, thanks for the response... I think a possible way would be to save the state with octoprint and then issue the gcode from where the printer left after homing... and setting the temperatures.

  • Yes that is what you need on host side. And since reconnect resets printer you need z max homing otherwise it would just be a long pause if you do not disable anything whcih is still a possible solution. Only thing is motors will normally turn off after a while in most settings.
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