Progress update time is way off

edited November 2016 in Bug Reports

Progress Update messages are giving an estimate for the completed print time which is considerably less than is reported in Repetier-Host.

For instance, I am currently running a print which is due to finish around 2am (UK time) according to Repetier-Host. However, Repetier-Informer is reporting a completion time of around 9pm. Typically, each successive push message for a given print will show a slightly later time, until, eventually, the Informer time almost matches up as the print is actually close to completion.


  • Are you printing with host directly or over server? In latter case the server computation would be used and that can be calibrated.

    If it is host directly, could the difference be the additional time set in printer settings? I assume you are using latest version.
  • Ah, not quite, I'm using 1.6.1. I now see 'Fixed end time calculation' under 1.6.2. I'll update in the next day or two and report back.

  • Hi. I finally got around to updating to the current version and the progress update seems to be working correctly. Thanks.
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