LCD module to make it compatible with RAMPS1.4 board

Hello, I had this LCD module: but from the item's description, Ramps1.4 board is not listed there but I tried to use it to my Ramps board but what I have is a blank flickering screen. I wonder if I can edit the pins to make it compatible with Ramps1.4 but I have no idea where to start. I also tried different types of LCD option from the configuration file of Repetier Firmware but I have no success, so I'm thinking that maybe this board is only compatible with GT2560 and Rumba board but I still want to try if this will also work with Ramps1.4 board, maybe the orientation of pins is just different so I hope I can get a solution from you guys. Thank you so much...


  • looks like a standard 'smartcontroller from reprapdiscount'
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    Yes it is but I can't get it to work with ramps1.4. The screen is only flickering and no information displayed. It's working perfectly with gt2560 but not with ramps1.4 board.
  • flickering could be a contact problem? What is flickering exactly? Backlight some chars getting mixed, ...
  • This is what I'm talking about, I hope you can see it from this video: 
  • Repetier said:
    flickering could be a contact problem? What is flickering exactly? Backlight some chars getting mixed, ...
    This on also: 

    from the repetier's configuration, I've selected this #define FEATURE_CONTROLLER CONTROLLER_SMARTRAMPS to enable the LCD. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  • I had this same problem with one of my LCD controllers....solution was simply to order a new one and replace it.

    I have had one go bad in which case I got random bars on the display...It started out slowly and go worse until
    I ordered a replacement....which OMG did not work at all...looked about like the one in your video...I ordered a 3rd
    from an alternate source (it was blue and white vs the yellow/black that I had previously) and poof all the problems
    went away.

    Of course you could have a totally different sure to check the cables are on correctly and nothing is loose,
    but I am guessing it is more likely a bad display.
  • The flickering where backlight goes off looks completely wrong. We do not control backlight at all so it looks like it is not always getting power and then it is no wonder you see not what is expected.
    I think it should work on ramps. For ramps you use the adapter platine so cables work. Also the images on your link do not show the RAMPS adapter. (looks like L with 2 2x5 pin header.

    Also make sure cables are oriented correctly and not switched.
  • You must mirror the 10 pin DIP to correct the pin.
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