moving problem

I have rostock mini pro. I have problem with manual control (I didn't try print because manual control not work correctly).
When I move the head, one or more axis stop after a few time and not move according to the command. Later the stooped axis move again.
I have arduino mega 2560 clone ramps 1.4 and drv8825 stepper motor drivers.
I changed STEPPER_HIGH_DELAY and DIRECTION_DELAY in my config, because I found these in forum similar problem, but these didn't resolve my problem.



  • I thing it could be crosstalk to the end stops, so they trigger a stop where you did not want. For testing move along z-axis up and down. If it only happens while moving up, it is crosstalk. You can disable end stop testing for normal moves, but it will be used for homing, so you better drill your motor and end stop wires.
  • Unfortunately the problem exists both direction. I notice when the problem occur the motor don't get power (the motor don't hold), but after a few time the motor get power again
  • I resolved the problem, It was a hardware problem, motor controlers overheated and turned off when cooled down turned on
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