Z Axis Homed Then moves wrong up or down

Hey everyone,

New to 3d printing period, built a reprapguru V2 which has the arduino 2560 & Ramps 1.4 with marlin 1.8.3 installed. So I've been looking all around just trying to get this thing to run right and I almost have it good but I am stuck currently. Basically, after I home the Z, to which it will travel down and hit the endstop just fine, but after that if I hit the manual control to move it ether up or down using the .01, .1, 1 or 10 buttons it automatically starts to move down towards the endstop. I am not sure the exact distance but its equal to about 3 inches of travel. I was looking through the code in marlin and couldn't see anything out of the ordinary (Im new to c++ however) and there is no home offset in the eeprom settings. Also, the X and Y don't have this problem, can anyone offer a suggestion?


  • Host only sends the proper command, but the error is in Marlin configuration, except if you have set homing position wrong in host. In Printer settings->shape you set z homing pos 0 or zmax depedning on pos.

    A typical beginner error is to set motor direction wrong just to be able to home to the desired place. So if you have z min homing you have homing direction -1 and you mist adjust invert z motor to make it work.
  • In the printer shape settings, I have all three axis set to zero home. Do you mean since I reversed it it needs to be my max z height size say -200 home position? Also, with the z position I've reversed the endstop and motor position in marlin to both the bed and the gantry top. Both setups the z stops after it hits the ends stop and retracts a couple mm then parks. However again as soon as I hit the manual control to move it ether up or down it proceeds to move toward the end stop what I would say is the whole home travel distance. It's like after it homes, the manual movement control wants to redo the homing process, to which I have to hit the emergency stop.
  • -200 is no valid z position. If your printer height is 200 it is either 0 or 200. You can home and send M114 to query firmware positions and enter that as homing position.

    You should also make sure 0 means bed and extruder are touching. 200 in this example would be max. distance between extruder and bed hence max endstop homing with homing dir = 1.

    Firmware and host must be configured identically to work together.
  • Yup, so I double checked the config adv tab in marlin and kept playing with the settings in the basaic config and finally got it. Not im just trying to balance out the Esteps for the Z, its only moving half the distance. Thanks again for your input, you saved me from damaging it permanently lol
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