Noise between G1/G0-commands

I use Ramp1.4 with Repetier 0.92.9 for a x,y plotter.
The plotter ist hanging on a wall.
Speed is low 15mm/s and acceleration 10mm/s2.
I want that the plotter is slow and quiet.
The motor sound is good, but ..

There is a noise (like "tak"), if one G1 or G0 commands ends and the next one starts (SD-card).
There is no noise during the command itself.
The noise is not loud, but louder than the motors.

I do not remember this sound from my 3D-printer.
I changed speed, jerk and acceleration, but this does not influence the "tak" between the commands.

What can be the reason?
Does the motor stop shortly between the commands?


  • If commands come fast enough the moves get queued so there is no pause. But if you change direction between commands it will get slower and then faster if jerk is exceeded and that is something you can hear. Also on some printers especially if they have backlash you can hear direction changes.
  • Thanks for your comment!
    The direction changes about 15 degrees. My impression is that the tak is always to hear independent on the length or direction of the next way.

    Do you suggest a jerk more like 40?
    The buffer is always close to 16 - is that a sign for no backlash?
  • Buffer 16 means you have no pauses between move since the next 15 moves are also loaded a precomputed.
    Backlash is if your printer head has play so on direction changes it might need 0.1 move before it starts moving. Then belt has already bigger speed and you might here it starting.

    Higher jerk reduces slowdown but can lead to lost steps if you exceed the forces of motors and printer get more jerky and shake more. Since you speed is 15 jerk 30 means no acceleration/deceleration at all. It will always start at full speed (15).
  • I changed jerk to 2 - but no change with the noise.
    The noise is exactly the same, so it is not influenced by jerk.

    I tested it only with only one motor - the noise is still there, no matter what motor is off
    (with no motor no noise ! what a  surprise?!)

    The play of the axes is difficult to say - from my feeling not much...
    One axe runs with a rack the other one runs with a belt.

    do you have an idea what I can test?
  • So you proved noise is mechanical. Doe sit happen with bost axis if pure and is the same? It is hard to find a noise source remotely. Sinc eit is a plotter are there any loose parts holding pen etc that can be heard when changing direction or accelerating?
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