Tronxy x1 manual control. No control.

Had this over a month now "searched and tried everything". Messed with lots on lcd and repetier host.

I have connection and getting motors to turn a little here and there but when I replicate the motor onto the others, none will work or original will stop and other will work.
Same goes for adjusting pots.

Its got melzi v2.
Now I got the extruder to move when its reached its temp setting the motors will work when I click on manual up but stop and not move again.
If I reset and do it again, it will do same. 
Its qued commands too, but letting other manual codes reply fine, just no proper control or any motor control.

I had Z homing but replicated that as said and none worked so im thinking accelerations. 

The Tronxy cd says repetier v0.91 I think or 92 and again I got it to move some threw lcd but nothing after trying to replicate the settings.

Fan extruder works. 
Adjusted the feedrate on the manual control and nothing worked. 

The extruder will do rotations on current settings but why when I replicate it and reset they all wont work or if adjusting pot it will swap to a different motor to work.

Whats should my acceleration be? Ive been upto 9000, I think its these and they can't all be the same or something.

Please try speak laymen terms as Im not technical educated and I am totaly new but have Rc experience with these type of things.

Once Ive attenpted to home or move any, some will thump like they try to turn and stop. Had some pulsing with extruder and got it working but as I say, replicated that to x y and z and nothing. Tried lots of accel and feed rates hence resorting to pots.
I pulled my cache size down to 63 from 127 too which seems fasterwith log commands.

Any advice appreciated. 
Many thanks in advance.

Think it could be hotbed setting like extruder as it dont go to zero in settings and it dont have a hotbed? 
I dunno so annoyed. 

Please advise.


  • Actually I can not make much sense of what you wrote. Acceleration is 1000 for belt systems and 100 for lead screws often used for z axis. Make sure max speed is not too high.

    With Melzi board your flash is a bit limited as full current version with lcd comes over 128kB. 127 byte receive buffer shoul dbe what you have using current arduino ide.

    Use M115 to see repetier version in log.
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